Different people have different things they like to do in their leisure time. Some would prefer to participate in physical activities like playing soccer; others would just go for watching TV or reading, while other loves the idea of making patterns using different materials. For, some this particularly means sewing layers of materials together to make a pattern. This is a very interesting hobby as there is so much one can do with all the clothing materials they do not use. To have hand quilting ideas, one does not have to be trained. It all comes from the mind.

Transferring these ideas from the mind to the hands, then to a piece of cloth can be very challenging. But with the right tool, one can do it perfectly well. For example, one has to have the right kind of fabric for this to work. Since one is using the hand applique techniques, one has to have the right tools as well. The idea of what patterns to create should also be clear to make things much easier. For the fabric, one should use cotton fabrics, precisely quilter’s weight cotton. This type of cotton is advisable because unlike other cotton fabrics, it does not shrink fast.

The fabric can be obtained from quilt shops and other shops likely to have them. After getting it, one should wash it well and leave it to dry that way it does not shrink. Home décor weight cotton is also another material that should be considered when one is quilting. Just as the name goes, it is more suitable for quilting home decorations. It has a sateen finish which is soft and smooth and is therefore more appropriate for bags and pillows. This fabric is sold in large quantity for less money and is therefore more economical than the other fabrics.

When making patterned clothes like dresses, skirts, blouses and scarves, the voile material is the best. This is because the fabric is lighter and transparent than other cotton fabrics. Essex linen is also a good fabric to use on hand appliqué patterns. The fabric is 55 percent linen and 45 percent cotton. This makes it not too much light and not too heavy either. Quilters’ linen can also be used in quilting. It is actually not linen, it is all cotton with a linen texture. This gives the fabric as well as the pattern a soft, and smooth finishing one that is most suitable for homes décor.

To get information on quilting, one should visit online sites with such articles. Magazines also provide useful information on how to quilt. If that is not enough, many libraries have books which talk about this pattern and also give step by step directions on how to go about it, what should go where and so on. Quilting is known to be therapeutic, and one can do it while watching their special program on TV. There are also endless patterns one can make, which makes it more fun.