Protecting Your Business From Graffiti

You worked hard, investing a lot of time and money, getting your business to look the way you want it. Unfortunately there are many people out there who do not respect this or your rights in general. One only has to look at how rampant graffiti is. Whether it’s just a sticker, a little paint or deeper property damage in the form of cuts and scratches graffiti hurts your image and lowers the value of your property. As vandals can strike anywhere it is up to you to create a plan of action to protect yourself now and in the event of a future crime. One of the ways you can protect your building is by taking common sense steps towards discouraging taggers. One of the most obvious solutions is lighting areas around the clock so any potential vandal feels exposed. Another is taking steps to make it harder to access higher levels of your building by putting up fences, thorn bushes and barbed wire along the base, side and tops of walls. Finally, consider having your building painted by a local artist to discourage others from using your wall as their own canvas.All of these steps will discourage your average vandal but there are some who will even desecrate proper street art for their own selfish pride. Fortunately there are still steps you can take to make sure that any paint applies is unlikely to be permanent. The answer here in commercial tinting in Perth, a solution you can apply to a range of surfaces to prevent paint from sticking and limit scratch damage. Just remember to buy the appropriate product as it comes in a range of mixes for different surfaces. While there are things you can do to prevent taggers from defacing your business given enough time you will likely have to deal with unwanted paint. At that point you need to know what to do so you can deal with it as quickly as possible in order to minimize damage. Leaving it up will encourage further tagging, on your building and on your neighbors’ buildings. For this reason you should consider keeping extra cans of paint handy, and if you’re in the painting stages now you should buy more cans than you need so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of remixing some later. As you can see there are steps you can take at every junction along the way from applying your first coat of paint to dealing with an especially window safety film in Perth. The main weapon you have against this sort of activity is vigilism and commitment. You have to keep an eye out for anyone in your neighborhood who may be a vandal. Remember that you aren’t a police officer but if you catch anyone in the act report them immediately. Safety film is a good way to limit the damage done but they can keep coming back if you don’t do what you can to discourage them and show them that vandalism only hurts people.